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How use Horuz clothing


One of the most frequent problems is limited movement during a flight and the consequences of this. Over the years airline  companies have increased the number of passengers travelling on a plane  and as a result there has been a reduction of  space available. This has made it  increasingly difficult to move around during a flight. 
What was once a seat at a distance of  85/90 cm from the one in front, and a width of  50 cm,  is now about  75 cm away with a width of 44. As we have already mentioned the airline companies, fully aware of this problem, recommend particular ankle exercises to be carried out whilst seated, and advise taking occasional walks, moving as much as possible.

Horuz has created technical clothing which is completely made in Italy. This clothing is extraordinarily cutting edge and improves micro circulation of the blood and the quality of the skin   using fabrics with FIR technology and distant infrared rays.

Infra red technology fabric works like a reactive mirror: it captures the thermal radiations emitted by body heat and reacts by using these thermal radiations  to give energy back to the body with multiple benefits for the cells and body tissue, obtaining good results. The benefits of using FIR Fibre fabrics range include:
The transport of  oxygen and elimination of waste gas from the entire organism is optimized and the metabolism  improved, and the body's vital energy is (re)activated, and body temperature kept constant.
The immediate increase of the aerobic energy system and reduction of obstacles for the heart thanks to an improved blood flow. It is important to note that it stimulates micro circulation. The infrared fabric also contributes to improving the condition of the skin.


Modern technology and careful study carried out by our technicians has made it possible to insert gradual release micro capsules containing natural products into the FIR fabric. Horuz has chosen to use Aloe Vera  in the capsules and the results have been excellent. The skin is silky, smooth, moisturized, thus prolonging a tan. Other natural products to be inserted in the micro capsules are being studied at the moment.

Horuz Cream left my skin feeling soft and supple.
I no longer feel the effects of dehydration when I travel.
I'm converted!
Horuz Cream has a perfect size for traveling.
I can pass the time of the trip, while I preserve my tan and I take care of my skin.