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It is obvious that despite planes being thoroughly cleaned by cleaning staff,  bacteria is difficult to control and destroy. This has been confirmed by many specialized journals, and in addition there are many places in which there is a greater concentration of bacteria, for example where we rest our heads, the table where we eat our meals, in the aisles and in the toilet. This is the passive aspect of the plane, or rather where we can find some forms of bacteria, while we can list those which are carried onto the plane, by the passenger sitting next to us or in the row behind us in the form of flu, coughs, colds etc. Let us also add that most of the time passengers take off their shoes and walk up and down the aisle, and even worse go into the toilet and pick up a serious load of bacteria.


Horuz has created a multi purpose spray: if you inhale it it keeps the nose mucous damp,  if you spray it in your mouth it  provides 12 -hour protection  from getting a cold, cough, or  flu from anyone sneezing or coughing near you  because it contains a very powerful anti- bacterial agent. If you spray it in your shoes it eliminates nasty smells and destroys bacterial flora,if you spray it in your socks you can walk protected without shoes, and you can also spraying on your head rest and on the small table where you eat thus ensuring maximum hygiene.

Do not forget to use it to keep your hands clean and healthy.

There is no fungus or type of bacteria which can ruin your holiday or business trip when you land!!!

It is medically certified!

Horuz Cream left my skin feeling soft and supple.
I no longer feel the effects of dehydration when I travel.
I'm converted!
Horuz Cream has a perfect size for traveling.
I can pass the time of the trip, while I preserve my tan and I take care of my skin.