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The Horuz society, is introduced like an absolute innovation in the world-wide panorama of the services dedicates you exclusively to the persons who, for job or tourism, use the airplane.
In effects, the great experience matured from the holders whom they have to shoulders million kilometers covered in airplane, added to the collaboration with the more studious important than this means of more and more used transport in the world, has given origin to this company that, with the support of druggist, alimentary and cosmetic laboratories let alone with I use it of woven technical of most advanced technological degree and absolute vanguard, has found the possibility to reduce those that they are the uneasiness more finds to you from the frequenty flyer or also from who it uses aerial means sporadically.
The maxim of the company is this: you must necessarily use an airplane for job or divertimento?
It takes advantage of the time that you must be in flight in order to do good star your body and your mind.

Horuz Cream left my skin feeling soft and supple.
I no longer feel the effects of dehydration when I travel.
I'm converted!
Horuz Cream has a perfect size for traveling.
I can pass the time of the trip, while I preserve my tan and I take care of my skin.